Eros & Thanatos / ex-libris

El año pasado recibí uno de los mejores premios en mi trayectoria de exlibrista: El premio a la mejor serie de exlibris eróticos en el concurso de ex-libris Eros & Thanatos, Suiza. Hoy recibí el catálogo:es de un diseño impecable, una verdadera joya en mi biblioteca.

Last year I received one of the best prizes in my career as ex-libris maker: The best series of erotic ex-libris in Eros & Thanatos ex-libris contest, Switzerland. Today I received the catalogue: the design is impecable, a piece of jewelry in my bookshelf.

The two-volume catalogue of Eros & Thanatos was ready for the opening of the first exhibition of the best works from the competition, at the Castle of Nyon, close to Geneva. One volume is dedicated to the best erotic plates, and one to the best Eros & Thanatos. Both contain an introductory section with historical ex-libris on both subjects, and articles by Pierre-Yves Lador (a Swiss writer and historian), Michel Froidevaux (director of the FINALE erotic art foundation, Lausanne) and Benoît Junod (Director of F.I.S.A.E.)
The volumes are 24 x 16.5 cm and contain 94 and 96 pages... with full colour illustrations. The books were designed by Marijena Junod. The two volumes are held together by a sleeve, and close with ribbons.

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